Initial setup

The first step in integrating the SuperAwesome SDK is to register on the SuperAwesome Dashboard.


From here you’ll be able to create apps and placements, obtain performance reports (number of impressions, clicks), view current revenue, etc.

Create apps

When first logging in to the dashboard, the first thing you’ll want to do is create one or more Apps, with each app in the dashboard representing one of your own apps.

Each app has a number of associated parameters such as ID, name, domain (or iTunes URL), etc. The name and domain can be configured when you create the app, while the ID is automatically assigned so as to be unique to each app.


In turn, each app can have multiple placements.

Add placements

Placements represent ad units where creatives will be served. Creatives are the actual ad data that gets shown in your app, like images, videos, interactive rich media content, etc.


Each placement has a number of associated parameters like ID, name, format, dimension.

  • The placement’s ID is a unique identifier associated with it. In the SDK it will be used to load ad data.
  • The name is a human readable identifier. It’s good practice to name your placements something easy to remember or suggestive.
  • The format can be video, display, etc, and informs you of what type of ads should be run on the placement.
  • The dimensions give you an idea of where you should try to place the ad in your app.

Below you can find a description of all mobile placement types, as well as test IDs, that have a 100% fill rate.

Name Size Description Test Placement
Small Leaderboard 468x60px A small desktop leaderboard 31430
Leaderboard 728x90px Desktop leaderboard 31428
Billboard 970x250px A big billboard 31436
MPU 300x250px A small MPU unit 31429
Double MPU 300x600px A big MPU unit 31432
Skinny Skyscraper 120x600px A small skyscraper 31431
Skyscraper 160x600px A big skyscraper 31435
Page Skin 1x1px A variable size site skin 31433
Floor Ad 1x1px A variable size floor ad 30789
Desktop Preroll 1x1 Desktop video 30479