Video AdsΒΆ

The following code block sets up a video ad and loads it:

@implementation ViewController

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];

    // set whole video surface clickable
    [SAVideoAd disableSmallClick];

    // set config to production
    [SAVideoAd setConfigurationProduction];

    // to display test ads
    [SAVideo enableTestMode];

    // lock orientation to portrait or landscape
    [SAVideo setOrientationPortrait];

    // enable or disable a close button
    [SAVideoAd enableCloseButton];

    // enable or disable auto-closing at the end
    [SAVideoAd disableCloseAtEnd];

    // start loading ad data for a placement
    [SAVideo load: 30479];

Once you’ve loaded an ad, you can also display it:

@IBAction void onClick:(id) sender {

    // check if ad is loaded
    if ([SAVideoAd hasAdAvailable: 30479]) {

        // display the ad
        [SAVideoAd play: 30479 fromVC: self];

These are the default values:

Parameter Value
Configuration Production
Test mode Disabled
Orientation Any
Closes at end True
Close button Disabled
Small click button Disabled


When locking orientation with either the setOrientationPortrait or setOrientationLandscape methods, the SDK will first look at the list of orientations supported by your app and conform to that. If, for example, you set a video ad to display in landscape mode but your app only supports portrait orientations, the ad will show in portrait mode.