Associate a parent emailΒΆ


This is the same behaviour as the Update user page. Only highlighted due to the importance of this functionality related to the permissions request.

You can associate a parent email for the user you’re authenticated using the UserServiceProtocol and call:

  • updateUser

This function will take:

Value Type Meaning
details [String : Any] A map of the fields to update
userId String The current authenticated user id
token String The current authenticated user token
let myEnvironment = MyEnvironment()
let sdk = ComplianceSDK(withEnvironment: myEnvironment!)
let userService = sdk.getService(withType: UserServiceProtocol.self)

let details: [String : Any] = ["parentEmail" : parentEmail]

userService?.updateUser(details: details, userId: 123 , token: "AAA.BBB.CCC") { (error) in

  if error == nil {
    //Success!!! All went well.
  } else {
    //Uh-oh! It seems there's an error...

The callback will pass the following value on completion:

Value Type Meaning
error Error If non-null, an error occurred


Once the parent email is successfully submitted you’ll be able to request permissions.