Request permissionsΒΆ

If for any reason your app needs access to specific user information, like first name, last name, email address or physical address you’ll first have to ask permission for it. Kids Web Services will handle sending an explanatory email to the user’s parent. From then on the parent will be able to access the Parent Portal to manage these permissions.

To request permission for the user you’re authenticated as, you’ll have to use the service protocol named UserActionsServiceProtocol and the method to call is:

  • requestPermissions

And it will take:

Field Type Meaning
permissions [String] The list of permissions to request
userId Integer The current authenticated user id
token String The current authenticated user token


The permissions you can request can be checked on the Control Panel


In this example we’ll be requesting the permissions for ‘accessEmail’ and a code snippet of this functionality usage is:

let myEnvironment = MyEnvironment()
let sdk = ComplianceSDK(withEnvironment: myEnvironment!)
let userActionsService = sdk.getService(withType: UserActionsServiceProtocol.self)

let permissions : [String] = ["accessEmail"]

userActionsService?.requestPermissions(permissions: permissions, userId: 123, token: "AAA.BBB.CCC") { (error) in
  if error == nil {
      //Success!!! All went well.
    } else {
      //Uh-oh! It seems there's an error...

The callback will pass the following values on completion:

Value Type Meaning
error Error If non-null, an error occurred


Normally just by requesting a permission you won’t automatically get access to request or modify the associated bit of information. You’ll have to await the parent’s decision.

You can always check the status in the UserDetailsModelProtocol protocol, under PermissionsModelProtocols.


If the callback requested parameter is false then it means the user doesn’t yet have an associated parent email. This is common for new users. Check out the next section to find out how to request and submit the parent email.