Getting Started

Using Kids Web Services, you will be able to develop kid-safe apps & sites without having to worry about the legal (or technical) complexities around data collection for under 13s.


Before getting started with the KWS SDKs, you need to have an account on the KWS Control Panel. For more information about signing up for a new account please click here.

The first step of the Kids Web Services integration is to set up your app or site in your KWS Control Panel. In there, you only need to create a new app or site and access the integration details by clicking on the integration item in the top menu. Once you have access to the integration area, you will find all necessary information to instantiate the SDKs (using the auto-generated code snippets is highly recommendable). Additionally, don’t forget to add your app URL to the whitelist of OAuth redirect URLs, and activate the implicit flow if you’re using KWS only in the frontend of your app or site. Know more about the OAuth protocol here

For the next step and integrating your application, there are two different options:

  1. The easiest and recommended way is to follow the Quick start guide in order to integrate the app using the sdks.
  2. If you prefer not to use the sdks and make your own implementation, you can see the API specification here