Configure the SDKΒΆ

Once you’ve integrated the SuperAwesome SDK, you can access all functionality by including the SuperAwesome swc library in any actionscript file you want to use it.

import tv.superawesome.*

or including one of the relevant headers

import tv.superawesome.sdk.*;
import tv.superawesome.sdk.Loader.*;
import tv.superawesome.sdk.Models.*;
import tv.superawesome.sdk.Loader.SALoaderInterface;
import tv.superawesome.sdk.Models.SAAd;
import tv.superawesome.sdk.Views.SAVideoAdInterface;
import tv.superawesome.sdk.Views.SAAdInterface;
import tv.superawesome.sdk.Views.SABannerAd;
import tv.superawesome.sdk.Views.SAVideoAd;

There are also a few global SDK parameters you can change according to your needs:

Parameter Values Meaning
Production *
Should always get ads from production server
Test mode
Disabled *
Should the SDK serve test ads. For test
placements (30471, 30476, etc) must be Enabled.
  • = denotes default values

You can leave these settings as they are or change them to fit your testing or production needs, as follows:

// Import all the SuperAwesome SDK library
// with all subsequent namespaces
import tv.superawesome.*

// AdobeFlashDemo is a generic
// Flash Professional CC project
public class AdobeFlashDemo
        extends Sprite {

    public function AdobeAIRDemo() {

        // SuperAwesome.getInstance().disableTestMode();