Integrate the SDK

The new Flash SDK is compiled into SuperAwesomeSDK-3.2.9.AdobeFlash.swc . You’ll need to download this file and save it somewhere to disk, so you can add it to your project.

Note: This document assumes:

  • an Adobe Flash Professional CC project named AdobeFlashDemo.fla
  • a main class file called, containing
  • a single AdobeFlashDemo class, extending Sprite

Add the SDK

To add the SDK to the project, simply copy the file you just downloaded, SuperAwesomeSDK-3.2.9.AdobeFlash.swc, into the project root and setup library paths:

Go to the File -> Publish Settings menu. A pop-up will appear with different settings. Press on the Action Script 3 Settings button.


There, in the Library path tab, add the relative or absolute path to where you have saved the two files (in this case, the /project_root folder). In this way, your whole project will have access to the SDK.


Press OK and then make sure that in the Publish Settings menu the Local playback security option is set to Access network only.